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Spencer David has been involved in Spiritualism for nearly 20 yrs now, he is a kind hearted, compassionate and understanding individual. Spencer also runs his own Spiritualist centre in Coventry called The Temple Of Angels, which has been up and running since 2010.

In June 2016 Rev. Spencer David became a Senior Principal Minister and Vice Chairman of the C.C.H.A for Central and Northern England, who works very closely alongside his dear friend and colleague International Medium and Chairman of central and Northern England Rev. Dennis Binks.

Rev Spencer David and Rev. Dennis Binks giving one of our fellow ministers a lifetime Achievement Award. – Swadlincote Spiritualist Church.

Spencer travels around holding demonstrations of mediumship in various other Spiritualist Churches around the country, from local areas of the Midlands, such as Birmingham, Leicester and Corby in Northampton. to as far as Newton Abbott in Devon, and has also worked in Lowestoft in front of an audience of over 300 people. He is now in the process of getting his name out further afield at this current time.

Spencer loves giving something back to his local community, of June 2015 Spencer ran his first half marathon to raise funds for Zoe’s Place in which he raised over £900 for his run, even with injuring his knee early in the run, he still manage to complete it in 2hrs 39 mins and also held a charity demonstration of mediumship at The Temple Of Angels, and raised a further £150.

Zoes's Place

Fundraising Niayahs Fund International medium Dennis Binks Spencer David

Niayahs Fund

Spencer has also just completed a charity event and worked alongside International medium and dear friend Dennis Binks, raising over £600 for local Charity Niayahs Fund.

Spencer David is currently in the process in organising another event with Niayahs Fund on a much larger scale, again alongside International Medium Dennis Binks and other mediums in Corby, Northampton in front of an audience of 300+ which is expected to take place in 2016.

For more information about the above charities please click on their images, to take you to their website or Facebook page. Spencer would like to thank all those who helped raise the money for both of these very special causes, without the help of such selfless and good hearted people, these charities would not be able to survive.

**Please note….Zoe’s Place and Niayahs Fund are completely independent charities from each other, they are not connected to Spencer David and or The Temple Of Angels Spiritualist Group in any way.

A moment conferring with spirit – In Corby

Both charities received 100% of the money raised by Spencer David and/or The Temple Of Angels Spiritualist group, and they have not made any profits from the run or the events organised by Spencer David or The Temple Of Angels Spiritualist Group.

If anybody wishes to contact Spencer David in regards to fund raising for the chosen charity or the charity they volunteer for please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you

Spencer David has just set up a new website to his business, selling holistic Crystals, Pendants, Bracelets and Salt lamps, all at great prices, and can be ordered from the comfort of your own home, and delivered to your door.

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Spencer David 2017

Spencer David working with spirit.

A little more about Spencer David

Spencer’s first encounter with the Spirit World was when he was around 4 or 5 yrs old when he was contacted by a family friends son who died in a very tragic accident whilst on holiday.  Spencer described to his mother what happened, at the time his mother had not heard anything about the particular person. His mother spoke to the family on the phone and once the bad news was given to his mother, she shared Spencers experience and the information matched that of those who seen the aftermath of the accident.

Spencer lived a normal life growing up, and did not have another connection until he was around 20yrs old.

The best friend of Spencer took his own life when Spencer was 17yrs old, Spencer battled the emotional effects of grief from the loss of his friend for a couple of years, until a work friend suggested he sees a medium.

Spencer was sceptic but open minded and seeing a medium, but he knew he need peace of mind as to the regards of his friends tragic suicide.  Spencer got given great comfort from the first message from his friend and then he was given a great insight of the Spirit World properly for the first time.

After this reading Spencer decided to sit in an open circle and begin to learn the basics, and from that day forth Spencer has never looked back and is truly grateful of the Spirit World, and now feels every moment with them is a blessing from God.

Spencer feels, due to the circumstances of his friends passing, he has more of a connection and empathy to people who have suffered the same sort of loss as Spencer.

Spencer also feels he is now getting help from his friend in spirit as regards to this type of passing, to help bring comfort to others who choose to have messages from him, who have also lost someone in this way

“A medium does not stop the grieving, but helps ease the pain.”

                            A quote from Spencer’s own spirit guide Running Deer.

How to book a Reading

Spencer David is available for private one to one readings, if you would like to book a reading please contact me using one of the methods on the contact page or telephone him on the number provided at the top left corner of the page.

Spencer David is holding a workshop on Sunday April 30th at Fantasy and Reality shop in Coventry city centre for more information please here.

This workshop is to help beginners with mediumship.

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