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About Spencer David

Spence’s first encounter with the Spirit World was when he was around 4 or 5 yrs old when he was contacted by a family friends son who died in an accident while on holiday. Spencer described to his mother what happened, at the time his mother had not heard anything about the particular person. His mother spoke to the family on the phone and once the bad news was given to his mother, she shared Spencers experience and the information matched that of those who seen the aftermath of the accident.

Spencer lived a normal life growing up, and did not have another connection until he was around 20yrs old.

The best friend of Spencer took his own life when Spencer was 17yrs old, and Spencer battled the emotional effects of this loss for a couple of years, until a work friend suggested he sees a medium.

Spencer got given great comfort from the first message from his friend and then he was given a great insight of the Spirit World properly for the first time.

After this reading Spencer decided to sit in an open circle and begin to learn the basics, and from that day forth Spencer has never looked back and is truly grateful of the Spirit World, and now feels every moment with them is a blessing from God.

How to book a Reading

Spencer carries out Readings which are £20.00 for half hour (House parties £20.00 for 20mins per person min 5 people.)

If you would like to book a reading please use the button below.

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